Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Danny entered the tattoo industry managing world class shops in both Sydney and London, before beginning his apprenticeship in London’s world famous Frith Street Tattoo. Completing his apprenticeship in 2004, and infatuated with his newfound profession, he immersed himself in the European Tattoo Convention circuit for many years, while also guesting in some of the top shops in both Europe and The US. In 2014 he made the move to Melbourne, initially as part of the team at Chapel Tattoo, before moving to Third Eye Tattoo, bouncing back and forth to Europe chasing summers. These days, Danny calls Melbourne home full time and we are proud to say, is a foundational member of the Tanuki Tattoo team.

Artistically, Danny has a multifaceted array of influences garnered from his travels and his general lust for life, including everything from decorative African aesthetics to American traditional. He mainly focuses on large scale ornamental work, combining a mixture of geometry, dot work and cultural tribal influences to create work with a focus on highlighting and beautifying the human form. His tattoos don’t just sit on the skin but move with their wearer, allowing him to give his bold black designs an inherent lightness.