A female tattoo artist sits at a reception desk preparing for a walk-in tattoo

How do Walk In Tattoos Work?

A “walk-in tattoo” was a term coined by studios to describe a tattoo without a prior booking. Sometimes they are spontaneous, sometimes it’s something you’ve thought about for years, but it’s always something achievable in a fairly short amount of time. Script tattoos, traditional tattoos, fineline tattoos, ornamental tattoos, and in some cases, even small realistic tattoos are all viable options when considering getting a walk in.

Haven’t decided on exactly what you want? That’s no problem. Our artists always have available flash designs they would love to tattoo. Alternatively, tell us what you like, where you want your new tattoo and we can often design something bespoke on the spot. If you’re feeling equal parts undecided and adventurous, our studio also has a lucky dip gumball machine filled with an array of small designs created by our artists specifically to suit walk-in clients. Our gumball machine is $150 per turn, with a $50 re-spin fee if you want another go. The available designs in the machine are changing constantly, and all available designs can be seen framed in our waiting area.

Can You Just Walk in and Get a Tattoo?

Short answer, yes! Tanuki Tattoo actually prides itself on being able to accommodate walk-in clients 7 days a week, and we will often even have artists on call. Any individual walk in tattoo enquiries received between 11am and 1pm are guaranteed to be tattooed or consulted with that day. If for some reason we can’t make that happen, we will provide you with a $50 voucher to put towards your next tattoo with us.

Do Most Tattoo Shops Take Walk Ins?

More and more tattoo studios in Melbourne have started moving towards being “private” or “by appointment only” and the options for getting a quality walk-in tattoo have diminished. We have decided to go against that grain and love the idea of remaining accessible to walk-in clients, while maintaining the same quality service offered to our scheduled clients.

Image of a fresh tattoo on a womans sternum, intricate fineline style floral
Image of a wrist with a fresh tattoo of three little stars in fineline style

What To Ask For When Getting A Walk In Tattoo

As much as we encourage just coming down to the studio to discuss your ideas, it’s always a good idea to ring ahead first, or even send us an email to info@tanukitattoo.com.au. This can help us make sure we will be able to help you in a timely manner.

All walk in clients wanting custom work will start by having a consultation with their artist. During this time, size, placement, style, time and price will all be discussed. Assuming everyone’s on the same page the artist will then go ahead and create a design for you. Having reference images ready to show your artist is highly recommended, and in the case of computer generated script tattoos, using a free web page like dafont.com to decide on a font before coming down can also be a big help.

Are Walk In Tattoos More Expensive? 

Generally, no they’re not, but on occasion walk-in tattoos can be more expensive than if you had booked ahead of time due to the added time it takes to sort everything out on the spot. In saying that budgeting anywhere from $175 (our minimum charge) to $600 will cover almost any walk in tattoo. 

Why Choose Tanuki Tattoo Melbourne for Your Next Walk-In Tattoo

Some studios out there will encourage walk ins, but very few pride their ability to cater for walk in clientele like Tanuki Tattoo. We have even engineered our artist roster to make sure that every team member tasked with doing walk ins is multi-disciplinary with an average experience level exceeding 10 years of tattooing. So why risk getting a poor quality tattoo just because you want your work done at short notice when at Tanuki Tattoo you can guarantee to leave with a tattoo of the highest quality no matter the situation. Feel free to call us 7 days a week on (03) 8590 8798, email us info@tanukitattoo.com.au or use our online enquiry form. Alternatively, we are located at 569 Burwood Road, Hawthorn and open 7 days a week from 11-6pm