Tanuki Tattoo is lucky enough to be the home of several leading artists in the geometric tattoo genre. Whether it be intricate, layered geometric patterns, large scale blackwork designs or delicate geometric florals, we have an artist who is the right fit for you. We also have a few artists who love mixing geometric elements with other styles of tattooing, which when done well, gives our clients the ability to engineer designs which truly reflect who they are.

A female tattoo artist sits at a reception desk preparing for a walk-in tattoo

What Is A Geometric Tattoo?

Geometric designs are where science and visual design intersect. Grounded in mathematics yet undeniably satisfying to look at, geometric art and design can be dated back as far as when humans first began making marks, yet can also be a reflection of our modern design practices and new found, computer based artistic digital abilities. Put more simply, we have used geometry for tasks as complex as describing our relationship with divinity, to those as mundane as filling dead space with something aesthetically appealing. In tattooing, its uses are no less broad making geometric tattoos appealing to an incredibly broad range of clientele. 

 Geometric Floral Tattoos Melbourne

It’s almost magical how frequently patterns appear in nature, in spite of how we often correlate organic structures with randomness and asymmetry. This is particularly obvious when it comes to studying the structures of plants and their flowers. Florals are often made up of repetitive patterns and structures, making combining geometric elements with them a perfect fit. 

Additionally, flowers could be considered nature’s ornaments and many geometric designs are also ornamental structures. This again makes them a perfect combination when putting together an appealing design to be able to fit multiple areas of the body.

Image of a new tattoo on a mans arm. The style of the tattoo blends realism style with an artistic flair. It is black and grey and also red colour.

How Much Does a Geometric Tattoo Cost?

Like most styles of tattooing, cost varies depending on the usual factors such as intricacy and size. The broad nature of geometric designs does however mean that cost can vary substantially from one tattoo to the next. In saying that, when it comes down purely to time taken vs. ground covered, geometric tattooing can be quite cost effective and an artist who specialises in this style can move through a seemingly large, intricate piece surprisingly efficiently. 

Our specialist artists in this style, such as Danny Kelly, Glenn Sullivan, Stephanie Amaterstein or Julian Fletcher charge anywhere from $1200 t0 $1600 for a full day of geometric tattooing. Hourly, they charge $200-250. 

With regards to quotes, small pieces can be quoted remotely via email but most pieces in this style require a consultation with the appropriate artist to be able to give you an accurate quote. We have time for consultations around 11am 7 days a week. Consultations take anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes and are free of charge. If you would like to organise a free consultation, please fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you quickly. 

Image of a wrist with a fresh tattoo of three little stars in fineline style

Do Geometric Tattoos Age Well?

As a rule, yes, very well. Many geometric tattoos rely on solid linework, dotwork, saturated solid areas and broad areas of shading, all which when done in black ink or grey washes age very well. Colour geometric tattoos are a specialty almost all of themselves. Luckily for us both Stephanie and Julian have had great success with this style of work and their many years of experience mean they know the best ways to apply these pieces to make them last.

What Do Geometric Tattoos Mean?

At times they mean absolutely nothing. They can just be purely aesthetic, ornamental and unashamedly beautiful. Permanent pieces of jewellery designed to beautify the wearer above all else. 

At other times, they can describe the relationship between all things, the human condition, spiritual beliefs or life itself. They can be rooted in the most complex narratives known to man, or our basic want to preen and decorate our bodies.

Geometric Tattoo Artists Melbourne

The breadth of styles which the term “geometric” encompasses means that, even though artists advertise themselves as specialising in geometric tattooing, no single artist can specialise in geometry as a whole. More so than other styles, the designs are also strongly influenced by the tastes and preferences of the artist putting them together. Because of this, choosing the appropriate artist, and one that shares your tastes and preferences is extremely important to ensure a good client/artist relationship, and most importantly a great outcome. We are extremely lucky at Tanuki Tattoo to have a team including Danny, Glenn, Stephanie and Julian. Between these amazing artist is over 60 years of experience and specialties ranging from large scale blackwork to small intricate colour pattern work designs.

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Amongst our team, we have every avenue of geometric tattooing covered. Feel free to visit our artists tab and have a look through their portfolios to see who shares your vision. We do however, strongly encourage you to let us help you choose the best artist. Please send us your references and as many details about the piece as possible, and let us discuss with our team who the most fitting artist would be for your project. This way we can assure you the tattooist assigned to you will not only be excited about the tattoo, but also the perfect artist for the job.